"Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16 (NIV)


A few weeks ago Pastor Lai Ling preached about receiving prophetic words in our service. We’ve learned that God still speaks to us today through His Word (the Bible) and other means including through prophetic words by His people.

Here are one of the prophetic words I have been clinging to over the past few weeks.

Thanks to Sara Leong who has recently shared this with me – the prophetic vision and words God gave to her for me during our last Touching Heaven prayer meeting nearly two weeks ago (Tues 10/05/2011) as we were praying for the pastoral leaders in our church.

“I saw a picture of you fighting in a battlefield. And you were fighting hard and strong. But as you were fighting, you grew tired but somehow you still pressed on, you continue to be in the battle, you did not give up. Then all of a sudden, you started to realise something strange, you looked to your left and to your right and you saw that no one was beside you. You panicked.

You looked as though you were fighting this hard battle on your own. You were discouraged. Yet, there was something in you that kept you going, spurred you on – telling you not to give up, though you felt as though you were fighting a losing battle. And as I saw that picture, God laid upon me this huge sense of heaviness on my shoulders.

I believe that the heaviness represented the many burdens you are carrying on you. It’s so heavy and painful but yet you tell yourself that you have to pull through your battle. And that thing in you that is spurring you on to fight this ‘losing’ battle is the FAITH and TRUST that you have in our God. You truly believe that He is with you and He is more than able to pull you out of whatever you are currently facing/feeling.

Though you may feel as though you are alone, but the knowledge that you have of our God being a God that saves, compelled you to press on. And that trust and faith that you have in God makes you truly a MAN AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART. I believe that is what God is wanting to strongly emphasize to you. Believe that, claim it!! You are indeed conquering your battle, without you even realising it.

You are a man after God’s very own heart, Torch!!

And in time, He will vindicate you.

You are definitely not fighting this battle alone because God is for you!

Just like how He was to the Israelites at Exodus 40, He is that to you now! – your pillar of cloud by day, and pillar of fire by night! He is keeping watch over you, Torch! As you continue to cling on to Him and spend time with Him, He will slowly open your eyes to see that you are indeed not fighting this battle alone. He will show you the MULTITUDE of people that He has lined up to stand in that battlefield of yours, fighting alongside you!!


God wants you to take those burdens of yours and lay it at the foot of the cross. He is fighting with you. That is His promise to you.”

To me, these words are divine, seasonal and so articulated. They have been such a great source of strength and encouragement to me as I humbly receive them from God and cling on to what’s been said. God is my ONLY source of sustenance and I choose to believe that He will never leave me nor forsake me…in all and through all.

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